Friday, August 12, 2016

Learning task

You will need:

-you need 7 players to play
-one goalkeeper, 6 field players
-coin toss
-2 teams
-red cards and yellow cards
-you need a 40m cornt


  1. First get on the court. then have the coin toss and try and pass the ball.
  2. Try and score a goal, block the ball, keep on defending and don’t let them score.  
          The keeper will still stop the ball from coming past the line.

  1. Then in the second half do the same thing, keep defending and scoring. You might earn a gold medal.
  2. Never give up when you have the ball and score and when you score, have a celebration  dance.

This is my plan task I tried my hardest in task. This was a fun task to me. I got some help from Brayden and that help was helpful to me. The first time I got a bit confused at the start but Mrs Love
came and help.