Wednesday, November 2, 2016

P.E Blog Post

So we have be doing P.E. The sports we did were sprinting, jumping and throwing. My personal favourite P.E station was spiriting because I love running.

The learning muscle I used was persevere. When I was doing the spiriting, I pulled my muscle a litle but I still tried my hardest.  I learnt to finish by still sprinting until another 5 metres past the finish line.

Hope You Like :)


  1. Good job Oscar my favorite was probably Sprinting aswell

  2. Well done Oscar on your post. I like how you added your favorite station.
    Keep up the great work. :)

  3. you have been doing well in class keep up the good work kai pai

  4. That is awesome Oscar you really used you perseverance muscle well.It must of been painful pulling a muscle.I enjoyed this blog post. keep it up. =-)

  5. well done Oscar good vocab i have seen you been working really well lately i liked hw you discribed what you learnt keep it up

  6. Awesome P.E Blog post, Oscar.
    It's great that you used your perseverance muscle!
    By the way, Sick Photo! Your pose looks really cool.
    Great Job!