Monday, November 21, 2016

My literacy Blog post

We have been working on retell and it has been really fun because I was doing Hunt for the Wilder People. I think I did good on this task but it was short but still I am proud of myself. I think this task was cool and it had some cool sentences but now I am still wanting for feed back or for it to get green. My plan was not my best but I still finished my Hunt for the Wilder People story. It took a long time for the plan to get finished but at the end I still fished it. This story is funny because the it is hunt for the wilder people.
Hunt For The Wilder People

There’s a lot of dead things around here I now. Because I saw a dead sheep and there was lot’s of maggots in there. Here’s my story about magnets. Here we go there    were   lot’s   of    magets    that    were    crawling   around  the   sheep    that’s my story about my magets. Soon it will be my time to go to the top of the hill. Wa wa wa what happen uncle she died what nooooooooo. How are we going to survive with out her.

You know Sometimes in life there's no way out a sheep trap designed by wolves. But you know if you're in this situation There's always  2 doors in life The frist door in life is all the yummiest treats you can think like drotos, fanta, burger rings,  fish and chips and coke zero. But... there's another door in life any one who wants to guess…. Vegetables no no no not

Vegetables. Anyone else who what to guess Jesus no but I thought it was jesus but there's another door in life jesus yes jesus his tricky like that. Please take it away mam (music Playing)   

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Maths Blog Post

So we have be doing 5 x tables on a game called Tables Master. It was so we could get faster at our 5 x. I was trying my hardest because I want to get faster than I was because I was not as fast. But now I am much faster because of the stage 5 practising it often. A little bit of practise makes perfect. I like doing times tables on paper because I'm faster than a laptop. Just before lunch Mrs Love said that I did very well so now I think I am getting much better at maths.

P.E Blog Post

So we have be doing P.E. The sports we did were sprinting, jumping and throwing. My personal favourite P.E station was spiriting because I love running.

The learning muscle I used was persevere. When I was doing the spiriting, I pulled my muscle a litle but I still tried my hardest.  I learnt to finish by still sprinting until another 5 metres past the finish line.

Hope You Like :)

Art Blog

This is my art. This was really fun because it was challenging. I am really proud of this because this is one of my best arts I have done. This was one of the most challenging art I have done in a long time.
My favorite piece of art was the drink bottle because it took the longest and it was the funnest.
The main thing was to sketch and shade. For the drink bottle I really took my time for the shading
and the 3d effect.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

calendar art

Wow a new calendar only $10.  That is amazing deal I say. And if you buy one you get one free great deal. If you want the calendar buy the calendar because you will love it. Did you want a bright and cold colour art? I do and I hope you do as well. If you want a nice calendar then buy these calendars and it's nice and easy to put on the wall or the fridge or the pantry.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Preview of your graph

This my graph I did with the stage 5. I like this task because I like graphs. I think I did good in this task because I did not need help.



This is my colour poem and I like this task because I did it with Miss Hill. I think I did good in this task but I did need help.      

 Green is the Colour of

  • The green grass was seaving on the football pitch.
  • The green paint splashes on the ground.
  • The green Lamborghini racing down the streets.
  • The green boogers dripping down the face.
  • The green slithery snake going for the bush.

   black is the Colour

  • Black Is the colour of thunder going for buildings.
  • Black is the colour of sarpy paint splashing on the wood.
  • Black is the colour of a ball flying for the sky.
  • Black is the colour of a car getting crushed by a truck.
  • Black is the colour of a house getting moved.