Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Learning is tricky

This is a piece of writing I did with Mrs Hill. We had to be very mean to ourselves (critical) and honest about what we needed to work on in our learning. It was hard but good.

Learning is tricky when I get into my divisions. I am feeling very frustrated because it is my reading of problems. I always want to give up when learning gets hard.  It is very hard to focus when people are shouting over
the room. When learning gets tricky I always go to my learning buddy
to get help but if they can’t help I always talk to my friends.
My learning muscles that I need to use are ok because I think I
can change them. I think I could be aware what I am doing and
try my hardest not to get distracted. I need to stop saying I need help because I need to try my hardest.
When I am managing my distractions you will see me focus and try my hardest. When I get in trouble I try and stop it.

I think I did really good because I did my best and did mistakes but I learnt 
from it so that was good. We did it with Miss hill and that is different because
you guys do writing with Mr M, Mrs Carr and Mrs Love. With Miss Hill it is very fun because we do fun writing and do projects.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Napier City Rovers, Ball boy.

When I arrived at the Napier City Rovers stadium, I was really exited because I was going to be a ball boy. But first we had a training with the Napier City Rovers and I got some good skills so I am going to use those skills in my games. Then we had a big look around the stadium- it was really cool. Then we saw all the players in the team. Some people got their signatures and they loved it. Then the game started. Some of the people were  ball boys in the first half and some of the people were in the second half of the game. 

So the second half had began so I went on the pitch to my side. Then the game started. It was not really fun because I was't getting the ball so I was just standing the most of the time. Then I finally get the ball and that was it! No more balls coming back to me. Then Mrs Love came and took a photo of me and in my mind I was like "please no balls come at this time." and that was the of the game. We won 4-1 and that was a great day