Thursday, August 11, 2016

Blog post

Mum said grandad and grandma were coming back from Australia so in my mind I said I might be getting ankle boots! Friday was the day we were going to pick up my grandad and grandma. I was so happy that this was going to happen at 5.30. Now it's 5.15. Mum says we should go now.
"Ya ya" in my head.
Now we are there. Mum said "Grandad and grandma are coming back in 3 mins."

It's been 3 mins but mum says they will be back in 15 mins.
"Ok." I said.


They say "my boots are not in my size" in a whisper. But we got back there and my BOOTS WERE THERE! OH MY GOSH!
I take the boots out excitedly.  "Thank you so much, oh my GOSH."
I put them on. They are so cool. Then my family come over. Then I put my boots on like it's a fashion show.  Then my bro says "Those boots are swag".
My dad says "You are very lucky son."
I knew that I was.

MY ANKLE BOOTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

     I like this blog post because  I tried my hardest. I was really excited to do this task. I think I did good in this task because I did my best. 


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  1. Love the boots and the blog post keep up the details and the work well done :)