Friday, March 27, 2015

My Special Place

                                                  my special place
A football field is my special place, when my mum drives me to the field I am so excited.

Then when I put my bright yellow boots on and  then I did  some shots at the goal  with my dad on a nice sunny evening.

Then my mum came and did some shots with me and dad. My mum kept on toe hacking the ball, and then she came off for jack and then jack went to be the goalie and then Jack got hurt because I kick the ball into Jacks tummy.

When jack came off it was just me and dad then I did a cross and I A curve in to the goal.Dad wanted to do the cross bar challenge.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Swimming Reflection

Swimming Reflection Week 3


I like...freestyle
I don’t like..back stroke


I can swim...yes
I am strong at... (kicking, my arm strokes, breathing, putting it altogether) (choose one)
I am working on (choose one)

Other strokes

I am strong at..freestyle.
I am working on…back strokes

I want to be able to…..back strokes

A time I showed Parkvale Pride in the pool was…when  i do freestyle…….

Photo of me practising my stroke (get a buddy to take it)swimming.jpg


This is the most dangerous shark in the world.The great white is one of the fastest sharks in the world. It's weird because sharks only eat 5 people a year and hippos eats 5000 people a year. And a shark is 18 m long. The megalodon was the biggest shark in the world.