Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Maths Blog Post

So we have be doing 5 x tables on a game called Tables Master. It was so we could get faster at our 5 x. I was trying my hardest because I want to get faster than I was because I was not as fast. But now I am much faster because of the stage 5 practising it often. A little bit of practise makes perfect. I like doing times tables on paper because I'm faster than a laptop. Just before lunch Mrs Love said that I did very well so now I think I am getting much better at maths.


  1. Awesome Oscar! I like how you are honest about how you tried your hardest and never gave up too.
    Also you have put heaps of effort into this too and it looks great.
    Keep Up The Great Work! :)

  2. you have done well brayden keep it up

  3. Well done Oscar you must be going very well with your maths